Eddie Shahini

Name: Eddie Shahini

Instrument: Guitar

Birth Date: June 17, 1964

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Job: Guitar, co-composer, vocals & backing vocals.

Influences: I would have to say the biggest influence on DBC was Slayer. Gerry and I got into them, and when we saw them live we knew what we wanted to do.

Equipment: B.C. Rich Eagle guitar, B.C. Rich Bitch (back up) Marshall head with 2 cabinets of 4 x 10" speakers.

Bands before DBC: I was infew bands when I was a teenager. Gerry and I played our variety show in high school, we did 3 Rolling Stones songs, we called ourselves Beggar's Banquet. That band turned into Stonehenge, again a lot of cover tunes. In the mid-80's Gerry & I got into Heavy Metal, we tried to start a band with the lead singer from Genetic Control called Final Chapter. We never found the right members, so we decided to start a joke band in the meantime to keep us busy. Dave Javex, the lead singer from Vomit and the Zits, got all of us together, we had a choice of names, The Mental Pukes,The Retarded Assholes, or Dead Brain Cells. We settled on the latter and the rest is history. We also had a fun band going at the same time  as DBC with all kinds of musicians in the Montreal scene, we were known as Killer Dump.

Where are they now? : I am presently married with two children, a girl and a boy. I still live and work in Montreal as a graphic artist. Still jam with Phil and Jeff once and a while and play the occasional show. I started a new band called Kill of Rights, we are curremt;y writing music fo an upcoming CD.

Favorite Bands: Killswitch Engae, Mudvayne, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Mozart, Slayer, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Michael Penn, Pixies, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Elton John, Nirvanna, Aerosmith, The Who, Pearl Jam, Beethoven, Bad Brains, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Slipknot and The Bare Naked Ladies...plus other crap.

If you need a logo, CD cover artwork, T-shirt design or a website, feel free to contact me or if you just want to see some of my work go to: www.illustratica.com


Kill of Rights

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