Gerry Ouellette

Name: Gerry Ouellette

Instrument: Guitar
Birth Date: August 21, 1964 - November 12, 1994
Place of birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Job: Gerry played the lead guitar in DBC, He started at a very young age, he definitely had his own style.
Influences: Gerry liked a wide array of music, Everything from Reggae to Speed Metal. His main influences were Keith Richards, later on his lead guitar influence would have to be Kerry King from Slayer.
Equipment: B.C. Rich Bitch guitar.
Amp: Marshall head with 2 cabinets of  4 x 10" speakers.
Bands before DBC: He played in a few garage bands with Eddie. Beggar's Banquet, Stonehenge. He later played with My Dog Popper & Front End Loader.
Current Whereabouts: Unfortunately Gerry passed away on November 12, 1994. He will not be forgotten.


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