Graham Ferguson

Name: Graham Ferguson

Instrument: Drums

Birth Date: August 17, 1985 (young!!)

Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Job: Live session drummer since 2007

Influences: Jeff St. Louis of course!! also Paul Bostaph (Testament/Forbidden/Slayer), Frost (1349/Satyricon)

Equipment: whatever shitty kit I have at the time...or something borrowed

Bands before DBC: I play guitar is HELLACAUST, drums in NAPALM RAID and TERRATOMB. I also used to play drums in SYSTEM SHIT.

Where are they now? : living in Halifax, touring with NAPALM RAID and HELLACAUST

Favorite Bands: old Metallica, old Sepultura, Watain, Exhumed, Aura Noir, Destroyer 666, Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Angelcorpse, Doom, Nifelheim, Kiss



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