Phil Dakin

Name: Phil Dakin

Instrument: Bass & Vocals

Birth Date: April 8, 1966

Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Job: Bassist, Vocalist, Lyricist, Co-composer, Co-producer

Equipment: Played a couple of Fenders basses in the early years but bought an Ibanez five-string with my first royalty check. After many years of hating my sound I realized that the bass was not a good choice for my playing style. I've settled on a Fender Precision recently and I'm liking it.
I had a few rigs (Peavey, Laney) but never fell in love with the sound coming from any of them as I have with other rigs I've tried. When playing guitar, I love playing my Gibson Marauder.

Influences: Well if I wanted to get to the essence of what music really influenced me in my writing and playing it would have to be the early albums of each of these bands: Black Sabbath, Rush, Van Halen, Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad and Cheap Trick. There are many other bands that have come and gone that I've listened to and loved at some point but I always come back to these bands on a regular basis.

Where are they now?: I am currently a 3D Animator in Toronto, Canada. I still enjoy jamming with friends playing either bass or guitar but singing is now something I really enjoy (even though I can only last a few songs before the coughing gets to be too much...) I've never been married and I have no kids (unlike some people in the band... heh heh)

Likes: The Simpsons, computer games, aviation, WWII, music, science, booze, my family and some of my friends...

Dislikes: Religion, people, television, pollution, barking, cab drivers, Martin Lawrence

Indifferences: Turnip. I could take it or leave it.


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