Dead Brain Cells

Dead Brain Cells 
Format: LP, CD
Label: Combat Records
Release Date: 1987
Produced by Randy Burns and DBC 
Engineered by Randy Burns and Gaetan Pilon 
Recorded March 16-April 4,1987 at Victor Studio, Montreal, Canada
Drum technician: Eddie Freedman

Re-released on CD: 2005

Power & Corruption
Public Suicide
Negative Reinforcement
Terrorist Mind
The Vice
Trauma X
Final Act

Music - DBC
Lyrics - Phil Dakin



Conflict of interest, colliding minds
Two nations bent on controversy
Hypocrite politics, broken vows
Perpetual dishonesty
A meeting in the neutral zone
Both thinking they're right
There's no intention of talking here
They're both ready to fight
One war is worth a thousand words
Tunnel vision, no compromise
Initial optimism dies
Unresolved and out of time
There's no hope for peace of mind
One last try, no result
The wheels of peace grind to a halt
Cut all ties, close the door
Step outside cause this means war




"Perfect is the life of King" father said to me
The life was mine when he died
Too young to rule an empire, but father never lied
Perfect was the life of King
Ignore my incestuous background
I was born of God
Gods don't die, why should I?
I want to live forever, it's my divine right
But doubts begin to cloud my mind
Much has been written about father's immortality
If he hasn't died, where is he now?
Save me, I'm a victim of a mortal life
I want immortality in the memory of man
I'm only made of Flesh and Bone
I'll eventually Die
Put my name on a body of Stone
And my soul will rise
Save me, I'm a victim of a mortal life
I want immortality in the memory of man

Build me lasting monuments
Eternal forms in my name
Hide my rotting body from the claws of decay
Leave me in my peaceful sleep
So I can dream of life
" Perfect is the life of King" father said to me
But he didn't tell me life would end




Mass deception - distorting truth
Your people live in lies that come from you
Self-election - opponents disappear
They threat the evil things you do
State oppression - you run the media
The story's changed so you look good
False conception - your people would like you less
If papers wrote the things they should
Lies, all you ever tell are lies
Lies, all you ever tell are lies
Mass deception - distorting truth
Your people live in lies that come from you
Violent obsession - your lust for power
Is killing people, doesn't matter who
Lies, all you ever tell are lies
Lies, all you ever tell are lies
We hate your state and will retaliate
Your soldiers trained for battle but are used as bait
Your lies they buy, but in the end you'll die
They'll see the hypocrite in you, it just takes time
Lies, all you ever tell are lies
Lies, all you ever tell are lies



Power & Corruption

You aren't wanted here, you'd better leave
The taste of power has left you insane
I would give my life to end your reign
Just let me see your corpse impaled
They would do the same
You'd lose your throne with no one to push around
We won't take your shit
Your corrupt mind
Has turned to stone and left us behind
You're supposed to care about your people
But you only care about yourself
We will not be silent, we'll rid of you
In the only way that we know how
For years and years you've ruled us
With your iron hand of power
You'd bring it down upon us
With every word we spoke against you
Years and years of pain and death
And our children die of hunger
Now we band together
In a war against our evil master
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Can't take anymore of your oppression



Public Suicide

Life's a game that I can't play
There's got to be a better way
I think I'll kill myself today
This is the end
My death will stick in your mind
I'll find a nice public place for my corpse
I'll get my attention in a way that won't fail
I'll make you pay for something you didn't do



Negative Reinforcement

Your mind is made of clay
To be molded into anything they want
You live a life of pain, humiliation and hell
But you'd better believe in God
Don't step out of line or you'll find it hurts
To try to be what you want
Just keep your mouth shut and
Conform to the crowd
Is what you're really being taught
Don't try to reason, they're too old
Their job's to make you fit the mold
Complete submission is their goal
Do as you're told
Don't let them win they'll fuck your life
To see you scared is what they like
To be your self is not a crime
Fight for your right
They try to run your life
They think they've got the right
To train you like a dog
The game they play is called God




I'm getting really mad
I can tell when I've been had
You'll regret the day we met
You haven't seen my bad side yet
Push and push, you won't let up
Tension's thick, feel it in my gut
Pressure builds, can't take the strain
You'll feel the anger I can't contain

Why must you persist on this game
When I don't even know how it's played
As you can see, my eyes turn Red
It's all you've done and everything you've said
I can't control, you've gone too far
This time you gave me your worst
You'd better run, you might get hurt
I feel like my head's gonna burst



Delivered by night to a foreign jungle
Fighting a war you don't understand
Intense, It's kill or be killed
Who are you fighting for?
Scared, your mind is in shock
This is no drill, the threat is for real
Run, there's no where to hide
You're better off dead than captured alive
Ambushed at night, a bloody massacre
You're still alive, the lucky ones died
Intense is the pain of our wounds
Who were you fighting against?
You won't be living for the rest of your life
Missing in action, say good-bye to your wife
You've got chains on for the rest of your life
You keep hoping for rescue
But they'll never arrive
As years go by
Thoughts of escape have left your mind
You've come to accept your sentence
Of life in this prison of vines
Don't think of home
It only makes it that much worse
They torture flesh
But it's your mind that really hurts



Terrorist Mind

The terrorist mind is like a machine
He'll do it - no questions are asked
If he's to succeed, they've got to
Make him believe that killing
And bombing's a blast
He's brainwashed to believe that he
Has a cause for his nation and himself
He's trained to kill and maim those
Who pose no threat to his nation or himself
The terrorist mind is like a machine
He'll do it - no questions are asked
If he's to succeed, they've got to
Make him believe that killing
And bombing's a blast
Many injured, many dead their
Mangled bodies filled with lead
An airport, a crowded street
A public place is all you need
Car bombs, hi-jacks
Shooting people in their backs
Kidnap, bomb threat
You make demands you'll never get.


The Vice

Out on the streets, your life's a mess
You're feeling lonely and depressed
He'll hit you when you're down and out
He's a man who knows what you're about
He injects you with his deadly drug
You've got to have it in your blood
You want more but it's not free
So you sell your soul
It's the only thing you've got
Too late, you're trapped in his vicious circle
He's got a hold on you
You can't escape, you need his drug
To keep you alive - but that's not true
Deeper and deeper you sink into his darkness
It's the drug that pulls you down
Up to your neck and losing air
It's hard to breathe
You're about to drown
It's time to stop and think about
Where the problem lies
Just think back to how it all started
And I think you'll realize



Trauma X

Hereditary pain passed on for generations
A genetic disorder no drug can correct
Relentless abuse of mind and body
Your children will pay for your wretched youth
To hear an infant's cry
Triggers inbred hate
Destroy the source of irritation
The children you once made
The cries are getting louder
It won't listen to your threats
Frustration leads to violence
The louder that it gets
It must be taught a lesson
One it won't forget
Black eyes, battered bones, brutal blows
Anger displaced to the innocent
Bashed head, almost dead, breathing low
You can't hide this little incident



Final Act

A planet defaced with death and decay
An atmosphere of hate
Cities destroyed, their meanings forgotten
And fertile lands lay waste
A planet once prosperous, it's future looked bright
But an immature race had evolved
Given time and the knowledge, they soon could
Destroy the planet on which they revolved
Not one life would be spared
It wouldn't happen again
Because there is no second chance
Hate - the downfall of humanity
Men's inevitable suicide
War - with no hope of reversion
Results in a permanent armistice
Terror spreads across the planet earth
Lethal winds leaving nothing in their wake
Cries from every living organism
Fierce pain tortures every nerve
Silence descending as the last one dies
A final peace - lasting for eternity

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