Format: LP, CS, CD 
(CD contains 'Dead Brain Cells' except for 'Tempest')
Label: Combat Records
Release Date: May, 1989
Produced by Garth Richardson and DBC 
Engineered by Garth Richardson and Francois Arbour 
Recorded Dec. 2 - 11, 1988 at Tempo Studios, Montreal, Canada 
Mixed at Amigo Studio 
L.A. Executive Producer: Steve Sinclair

Re-released on CD: 2005
The Genesis Explosion
Exit the Giants
Rise of Man
Humanity's Child
Phobos & Deimos
Infinite Universe

Music - DBC
Lyrics - Phil Dakin

The Genesis Explosion

The genesis explosion: Creator of expanding space
Compressed matter with the power to detonate
An infinity of nothing to expand
The genesis explosion: Creator of the human race

Photons charged with energy
Collide for mass creation
Immediate annihilation
Matter transformation
Intense radiation
Darkness did not exist
Critical point is reached
Threshold into night

The genesis explosion: Creation of the Universe

Now gravitation begins its task
As the architectural force
Atoms seek out gravity
And heads towards its source
The atom's source becomes a seed
Of growing concentration
Formation of the galaxies
And their first generation


Deep in the metropolis of light
A powerful star nears the end of it's term
Choking on waste at its core
Consumption increased with no fuel to burn

Energy production is ceased
Gravity takeover
Core implosion

Deep in the cloud of its remains
A protostar forms from collected debris
Nuclear fusion takes place
The birth of the sun in its primary phase

In the aftermath of the suns creation
Its children are born
Each child evolving from its gathered matter
To a spherical form

Only one planet in the solar system
Will receive the gift of life
The planet must be perfect for life to exist
It's fragile and precise
There is only one planet with an atmosphere
To support life between fire and ice


Mountains touch the sky
The winds intensify
Rock is turned to sand
The sea torments the land

Lightning hits the earth
A momentary column of fire
A thunderous roar
As the molecules begin to ignite

Breaking up the atoms by electrical shock
Molecular prosperity
Fragments recombine in a molecular lock
Solar radiation helps to break them again
Molecular fertility
Increasing their complexity so life can begin

Rise from the sea
Four billion years of evolution
Changing life on Earth
Building better organisms
Elimination of the weak
Proliferation of the strong
Insemination of the planet

Rise of Man

What is man?
Where did he come from to rule this planet earth?
Who crowned him king of his celestial throne?
An honour sanctioned at birth

The story of man is one of great success
A creature evolved to survive
From the simplest of organisms he was born
A complex and powerful mind will arise

Earthly gifts of wood and stone
Provide the tools for fire and bone
Harness fire for warmth and light
To cook their meat and warm their night
Civilization of mankind

Superior intelligence
Now sets them from the rest
Superior intelligence
Establishing his dominance

Once man's preoccupation
With survival had diminished
He could concentrate on destroying
What four billion years or chance had created...


Fertile river valleys
Cut through the burning desert sands
Men gather into cities
On the path that these sacred rivers ran
Together man and water
Cultivate their still born lands

From the river's source
Flows the water of the high grounds
Water gathers force
Increasing volume and momentum
Like men they amass
Carving life into the sand dunes
Rivers meet the sea
Human population grew

Someone has to organize this
Growing savage tribe
Men to run the cities
With plans that they've devised

Builder of the walls
Maker of the laws
Leader of the wars
Back inside his guarded palace
Ruler over all

Humanity's Child

Humanity is but a child
Looking for someone to teach him
Someone to explain the things in life that mystify him

The stars are really gods in the sky
The sun is a chariot of fire
You must believe and not ask why

Humanity is but a child
Looking for someone to lead him
Someone to protect his sacred lands that bathe and feed him

The land you're on is really the king's
The wars you fight are really for him
Loud you'd better sing
Long live the king

Gods and kings
Both were illogically formed
Misguided intentions and a hunger for power
Information misinformed

Phobos and Deimos

Empires of power and wealth
Expanding their boundaries
A phalanx of greed and ambition
Conquering the weaker of nations

War is their key to expansion
Millions of innocent die
Swords are swung and arrows fly

Weapons of stone and steel
Swinging like pendulums
Killing men with each pass
Time will tell what we'll become

The bloody star high in the night sky
A symbol of man's need to fight
Fear and terror revolve around the crimson source of light
Fear and terror revolve around the bloody orb of war

Through the centuries
Man learns more efficient ways to kill
He's better at destroying
Entire cities at will
Through technology
man can now annihilate everything on earth
A grenade in the hands of a child
That's been violent since birth


Energies directed to war
No safe place anymore
Hypnotized by mutual distrust
Ashes to dust
The global balance of terror
Holds hostage the people of earth

We must take
Control of our fate
Before it's too late
We must educate the world
We need change
A fundamental redesign

All the people of earth
Understand what must be done
Contemplate major changes
Unify - Our nations one
All the people of earth
Unify - Our nations one

Infinite Universe

Boundaries just a memory
Mankind found peace in unity

Man has come to see
He's his own worst enemy
Now he's come of age
It's time to leave his earthly cage
There's so much out there to see
A universe of infinity

To the stars
The galaxies
Our legacy
The universe

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