Cassette cover 1995 by Eddie
Cassette inside artwork 1995 by Eddie

Format: Cassette (100 copies)
Label: D.O.S.S. (Independent)
Release Date: 1995

Format: CD
Label: Galy Records
Release Date: 2002
Produced by DBC 
Engineered by Jack Czajkowski 
Side 1 recorded July 1990 at Silent Sound Studio, Montreal, Canada.
Side 2 recorded January & February 1991 at Silent Sound Studio Mixed at Silent Sound Studio 

Third Coming
Brick by Brick
Siren's Song
Waste Not, Want More
Rude Awakening
Root to All Evil

Third Coming

Vocals - Phil Dakin
Lyrics - Phil Dakin

Woke up one year back in '93
A billion people looking up at me
I was floating high up in the sky
They would have shot me but they heard me cry
Don't shoot, I'm the messiah
I come from heaven to deliver your souls
Don't shoot, I am your saviour
God told me to tell you he was still in control
Something's wrong with my time machine
I'm back in times with God and gasoline
To a man of this place and time
A floating man would seem quite Nazarene
I don't apologize for what I said
I had to trick them or they'd shoot me dead
Its not their minds its the guns I dread
I'm immune to AIDS but not to lead
But now they treat me like the son of God
Unwitting victims of my holy fraud
Hail, hail, the return of the new born king
Let the bells of the churches ring
Hail, hail, resurrection of the son of god
He looks like Christ but his clothes are odd
I walk on water and they all applaud
Its just my Sony antigravity pod.


Brick by Brick

Vocals - Phil Dakin
Lyrics - Phil Dakin

You're finally coming down
It took a lot of dying
Just take it step by step
There's no more need for fighting
Your finally changing face
Come and join the freedom
We may not have the best
But its better than what you had
Brick by brick
The walls come down between our nations
The mortar yields to freedom's touch
and starts to crack
Collect the pieces as they fall
and build a temple to the sun
One for all, all for one
Brick by brick
We'll build a world devoid of hatred
Each brick cemented with a trust for fellow man
Without no walls
there'll be no boundaries to contain us
The temples will remind us of a once divided lands


Siren's Song

Vocals - Phil Dakin
Lyrics - Phil Dakin

Listen can you hear the sirens
Warning of impending violence
Look towards the south horizon
Rising from a troubled sea
Built from ash and atrophy
Wielding electricity

Listen can you hear the sirens
White capped waves and relentless rain
The thunder growls the winds untamed
Lightning's whip, cracks her mast
Her maiden voyage to be her last
Listen can you hear the sirens


Waste Not, Want More

Vocals - Phil Dakin
Lyrics - Phil Dakin

Hungry faces search the cloudless sky
Salivating from their deep set eyes
Shrunken skin and bones
Dust and sand their homes
They wait for metal bird
To bring them food supplies
Vultures circle high above their empty heads
Dirt and stone for beds
Their bellies still unfed
Waste not, want more
No crops will grow upon these barren lands
Only dust and heat rise from the scorching sands
Their water spreads disease
It brings them to their knees
Waste not, want more


Rude Awakening

Vocals - Eddie Shahini
Lyrics - Eddie Shahini

'History repeats itself if forgotten'
Another generation fighting for nation
A patriotic duty, a moral obligation
To serve your country in honor and glory
In foresight, done what thought was right
In hindsight, chosen not to fight
'All you have to fear is fear itself'
A fear of the unknown and nothing else
Destination: conflict, whereabouts unknown
Casualties of terror, injustice, and horror
A rude awakening
'A permanent solution to a temporary problem'
Another generation dying for nation
War's end
Revolution against the institution
'Glorious and free'
Am I at home or with the enemy


Root To All Evil

Vocals - Eddie Shahini
Lyrics - Jeff St. Louis

Ashes to ashes
People to people
Ashes to ashes
A subject of the entirety
Fulfilling discrimination
With orgies of ecstasy
Filling corpses with energies of hate
A thinking life machine
Fool's of meaningful nothings
Manipulation of our true greatest wonder
Literally killing his own
Catch- 22, you fool
Slowly closing the doors of escape
Who, but man himself
Expanding energies and hate
Understanding can't be met
Catch -22
Pouring fear over his young
Those beautiful and open minds
Who, can see the truth
Over his created reality
Root to all evil
Making all children his own
No more right to life
Nothing to be sacred no more
Except discrimination itself
Our true greatest wonder
Man himself

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